4 Morae Adverbs

第316課: 4 Morae Adverbs

     There are a lot of adverbs that have a 促音, end in り, are onomatopoeic, and are four morae in length. Although there are definitely more adverbs that are four morae in length, this constituency deserves a name. 

品詞 Note: If a definition is adjectival, use とした with the word. For example, がっしりとした.

4 Morae Adverbs

 Adverb Definition(s)
 あっさり Readily; flatly; easily; plain; frank
 うっかり Inadvertently 
 うっとり Ecstatically; absentmindedly; abstractedly; vacantly 
 おっとり Gently; quietly; calmly
 がっかり Disappointing; dejected; downcast
 かっきり Exactly; flat; sharp even
 がっくり Heartbroken; break down; dash
 がっしり Stout; solid; massive; square
 かっちり Tightly; exactly
 がっちり Solidly built; tightly; shrewd
 がっぷり Firmly; latched onto
 がっぽり In large quantities
 きっかり Promptly; precisely; exactly
 ぎっしり Closely; densely
 きっちり Closely; snug; tightly
 きっぱり Flatly; absolutely; completely
 くっくり Sharply; clearly; clear-cut
 ぐっすり Soundly
 ぐったり Completely exhausted; dead tired; limp
 げっそり Being disheartened; loosing weight
 こっきり Just; only 
 こっそり Stealthily; secretly
 ごっそり Completely; wholly; entirely
 こってり Thickly; heavily; severely; strongly
 ざっくり Roughly; loosely; deeply (cut)
 さっぱり Refreshed; trimmed; simple; entirely; not at all
 しっかり Tightly; firmly; steadily
 しっくり Not well
 じっくり Thoroughly; closely
 しっとり Moist; slightly wet
 じっとり Sticky
 しっぽり Moist; delicate (affection)
 すっかり All; quite; completely; perfectly; entirely; utterly; right
 すっきり Neat; refreshed; clean-cut; straightforward
 ずっしり Heavily
 すっぱり Completely; flatly
 すっぽり Completely
 そっくり Living; natural; lifelike; all
 たっぷり Sufficiently; amply; heartly; good
 ちゃっかり Calculating; shrewd; smart; cheeky
 ちょっぴり Little; bit
 てっきり Surely; beyond doubt
 でっぷり Ample; beefy; stout
 どっかり Heavily
 どっきり Be shocked; be frightened
 とっくり Carefully; well
 どっさり Lot of
 どっしり Massively; heavily; dignified
 とっぷり Completely; fully; entirely
 どっぷり Totally (immersed)
 にっこり (Smile) sweetly
 ねっちり Sticky; persistently
 ねっとり Sticky
 のっそり Ponderous; elephantine; sluggishly
 のっぺり Flat
 はっきり Clearly; distinctly; plainly; definitely; sharply; vividly
 ぱっくり Gaping; snapping
 ばったり With a clash; abruptly; unexpectedly
 ぱったり Abruptly; suddenly
 ばっちり Perfectly; properly
 ぱっちり Open wide
 びっしり Closely; densely
 ひっそり Secretly
 ぴったり Close; tightly; snug; exactly
 ぴっちり Tightly; snugly
 ひょっこり Accidentally; by chance
 ふっつり Break; snapping up
 ぷっつり Break; snapping up
 べったり Closely; thickly; hard
 ぺったり Closely; fast
 べっとり Sticky; icky
 ぽっかり Lightly; gaping wide
 ぽっきり Only; merely
 ぽっくり Suddenly
 ほっそり Slender; slim; light
 ぽっちゃり Plump
 ぼってり Fleshy; chubby
 まったり Full-bodily
 みっしり Strictly; fully; closely
 みっちり Strictly; fully
 めっきり Very much; a lot; remarkably
 むっくり Suddenly
 むっちり Plump; chubby
 むっつり Sullen; taciturn; sulky
 やっぱり After all
 ゆっくり Slowly; deliberately; leisurely
 ゆったり Easy; relaxed; comfortable; loose; expansive; full


He slowly talked for me.ゆったりとしたスカートを履(は)く。
To put on a loose skirt.ゆったり過ごしただけ。
I just passed the day.国会議員はあっさりやめるべきだ。
The Congressman should readily resign.みんなカメラの方を見てにっこりしましょう。
Let’s all smile towards the camera.みっしり鍛えれたのかな。
I wonder if he was fully trained?もっとはっきりと発音しなさい。
Pronounce this more clearly.一晩ぐっすり眠る。
To get a good night’s sleep.とっくりと話を聞いて。
Listen carefully to me, you hear.たっぷり5時間も仕事する。
To work a good 5 hours.がっかりなさったでしょう。
I’ve disappointed you.むっくりと起き上がった。
They suddenly got up.悪道にどっぷりとつかっているだけの男だ。
He is just a man indulged in evil ways.気分がすっきりする。
To feel refreshed.一回こっこりでやめるとは臆病だ。
Quitting with one time is cowardly.
A hole gaped open.
To get up sluggishly.血のりがズボンにべっとりついてしまった。
The blood clot got stuck to the pants.ひょっこり幸子に出会ったのよ。(Feminine)
I unexpectedly ran into Sachiko.彼はどっかりと座った。
He sat down heavily.さっぱりしたいいやつ
A good sportあいつのなまりはさっぱり分かんねーぞぇ。(Violent)
I don’t understand that guys dialect!めっきり暑くなった.
It’s become remarkably hot.どっさりある。
To have a ton.しっかりしろ!
Pull yourself together!うっかりして忘れた。
It slipped my mind.うっとり眺める。
To ecstatically gaze.うっとりさせるような声をあげる。
To have an alluring voice.日がとっぷりと暮れた。
It got completely dark.のっぺりとした目鼻立ち
Expressionless facial expressionsちょっぴり皮肉じゃないか?
Isn’t that a little ironic?僕はほっそりとした体格です。
I’m slender.