Combination Particles with もの

第275課: Combination Particles with もの

     This lesson is about the particle もの and the combination particles associated with it, not about the nouns 物 and 者, although all three words share the same origin. 

The Particle もの: Because

     The particle もの, colloquially as もん, may mean “because”. This usage is used extensively by women and small children as an alternative to から and may be used conjunction or as a final particle. 

1. この景色けしきなつかしいですね。私たちが若い時に出会ったところですもの。
    This scenery is nostalgic isn’t it? It’s because this is the place we met when we young.

Sentence Note: Scenes like above would be commonly heard among old people.  

2. ねぇ、ねぇ、あのビデオゲーム買ってよ。どうしてもあたしほしいんだもの。
    Hey, hey, can you buy that video game? Cause I’ve got to have it.

      The particle もの has several other usages.

 1. Similar to “will”, it nominalizes a verb.
 2. Used with -たい showing wish, it means “would like to do”.
 3. Ought to. 
 4. “よくしたものだ” means “used to”. 

3. よく泳いだもんだ。
    I used to swim.

4. 丸木まるきは水にくものだ。
    A log will float in water.

5. くじらになりたいものです。
    I wish I were a whale. 

6. もっとご両親はうやまうものですよ。
    You should be more respectful to your parents.

7. 私、成人せいじんになったんだもの、少しぐらいお酒を飲んでもいいでしょう。
    I’m an adult now, so isn’t it alright for me to have a little liquor to drink?

Combination Particles

    Below is a chart of combination particles with the conjunctive particle もの. 

 ~もので Shows reason of action for what happened
 ~ものか Extremely emphatic negation
 ~ものなら Should there be, if…then (volitional)
 ~ものの Even though
 ~ものを Although, if only

Usage Notes:

1. ~ものを signifies the unsatisfactory feeling of the speaker.

2. ~ないものか shows a feeling of expectation for the realization of an idea and ~たものか shows a sense of confusion. 

3. ~からいいようなものの and ~ば・といいようなものの express “though it’s OK because” and “although it would be for the better if” respectively.


8. いくつかの欠点けってんはあるものの、彼は天才です。
    Even though he has a few flaws, he’s a genius.

9 あんなやつに負けるもんかい。
   Like I’d lose to that kind of guy!

10. つかめるものなら、掴んでごらん。
      If you think you can grab it, go right ahead.

Word Note: ごらん is just like みせてもらう.

11. 負ければものの、そこまで自分をおとしめることができなかった。
Although it would have ended better if he would have lost, he could not lower himself to such a degree.

12. あんまりうれしかったもんで、何をしてるのかは忘れちまった。(Really casual)
      I was so happy that I forgot what I was doing.

13. 一言だけ話せばよかったものを、しゃべりすぎたので、事件にき込まれてしまった。
Although it would have been alright to speak just a word, I accidentally got involved into the matter because I chattered too much.

14. 聞いてくれればよかったものを
      If only he would have listened.

15 さっさと警察に届けりゃいいものを
     If only I had given it to the police promptly.
From 冷たい誘惑 by 乃南アサ.

Contraction Note: りゃ is the contraction of れば. 

16. もっとうまくできないものか
      Can’t you do better?

17. この仕事は誰にたのんだものか
      To whom was this work entrusted?

18. できるもんならわってやりたい。
      If it’s possible, then I’d like to switch out (for you).

19. 気づいたからいいようなものの、他の人がいたらどうしただろうか。
      Though it is all right that I noticed, what would I do if there were other people?

20. 先生にあつかましくも口答くちごたえをしようものなら大目玉おおめだまらうでしょう。
      Should you even have the nerve to talk back to the teacher, you’ll surely get scolded severely.

28. 火事になろうもんなら、大変だぞ。
      It would be grave should there be a fire.

29. 借金で困っていた友人を、助けようと思えば助けられたものを、見捨ててしまった。
If only I had thought to help my friend who was struggling with debt, I could have helped her, but I accidentally ran out on her.

30. 休めばよかったものを、無理をして働きすぎたので、病気になってしまったよ。
Although I would have been fine if I took a rest, I unreasonably worked too much, so I ended up getting ill.

31. あたしの気持ち、君にわかってたまるものか
      How could you ever know how I’m feeling!?