The Particle のみ 

第227課: The Particles のみ 

The particle のみ is very similar to だけ. One of the main things to keep in mind is that it is not のに. 

The Adverbial Particle のみ

のみ has fallen into more so literary usage due to the rise of だけ. のみ has four distinct usages.

  •      Limits something to a certain amount.
  •      のみだ shows that at that much, there is no other situation.
  •      のみか means “not just that”.
  •      のみならず means “not only”.


1. こののみが水害に{免れた・わなかった}。
    Only this village escaped the damages from the flood.

2. 神のみぞる。
    Only God knows.

3. 我々はただ忍耐にんたいがあるのみだ。
    We only have perseverance. 

4. 入場招待者のみ可 
    Admission by invitation only

5. 老兵なずただるのみ。
    Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.

6. 富士山はただいのみならず、しいのです。
    Mount Fuji is not just tall, but it is also beautiful. 

   Not only know about fencing, but also know about worldly affairs. 
From 池波正太郎

8a. この水族館には、深海魚のみならず、熱帯魚もいます。(A little old-fashioned)
8b. この水族館には、深海魚だけでなく、熱帯魚もいます。(More natural)
      In this aquarium, there are not only deep-sea fish but also tropical fish.

Grammar Note: Using だけでなく is much more common because, again, のみ is very literary.

9. 緊急きんきゅう場合にのみ連絡せよ。
    Call me in only in the case of an emergency.

10. 水不足みずぶそくはいよいよ深刻だ。はただるのをつのみだ。
      The water shortage is really serious. The only thing to do is wait for it to rain.